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Multi-Fuel Submersible Electric Start Outboard Engines - Built for the Warfighter

Raider 40 Outboard National Stock Number (NSN)  3H 2805-01-652-3067 is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) based multi-fuel (gasoline, JP-5/8; diesel, kerosene), submersible outboard that is faster than the current Improved Military Amphibious Reconnaissance System (I-MARS) and lightweight at less than 150 pounds.  The new technology features a Fuel Induction carberation System requires no adjustment for altitude, increased performance and fuel efficiency.  The Raider 40 has electric start with the battery under the cowling.

Raider 50 Outboard National Stock Number (NSN)  3H 2805-01-652-3076 is also a COTS based outboard with the same features as the Raider 40 and designed for over-the-horizon missions.

Both Raiders operate on multi-fuels, can be fully submersed – without bagging, has an internal electric start, easy dewatering levers allowing starting within five minutes using pull start and even less with electric start. Both engines can be air dropped in RAMZ or T-Duck configuration.. Excellent life cycle costs are achieved by using COTS and Defense Logistics Agency parts infrastructure that is world-wide.

Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS)

Raider 40hp Submersible Motor

The COTS motor that becomes the Raider 40 has been in production for over 15 years. It has the exceptional reliability with the higher power to weight ratio of any outboard. The Raider 40 is a two cylinder, two stroke outboard motor that weighs 148 pounds that includes electric start, internal nattery, special transom skids, easy to grip handle and simple dewatering system for the operator after submersion.

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Raider 50hp Submersible Motor

The Raider 50 is a three cylinder, two -stroke weighing 178 lbs. COTS benefit to the military supports a solid life cycle sustainment on parts, manuals and training. Parts are available from Raider or through a worldwide Tohatsu, Mercury or Nissan dealer system.

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Peace of Mind for Parts

COTS for the maintainer provide a safety knowing most parts are available from a local dealer as well as Raider. Raider has made available to dealer’s modifications sheets detailing differences from the COTS to the military version. Raider also provides input to the Tohatsu maintenance school, near Dallas, TX, of dealers close to the military installations that have outboard motors.

why Choose Us

Raider builds and supports reliable outboard motors for the warfighter. Outboards designed for missions by simplicity. Completed missions and come home. We design features in the outboards to provide redundancy; minimize electronics; increase reliability; utilize designs that have been proven in the field. We are about service to our customers.

  •  Multi-Fuel (JP 5/8, gasoline, Diesel, kerosene)
  •  Fully Submersible
  •  Outstanding Performance
  •  Rugged, Durable & Reliable
  •  Pull Start & Electric Start
  •  No Battery Required for Pull Start
  •  Fits through Submarine Hatch
  •  Lightweight
  •  Convienient Grab Handle
  •  COTS based – Fast/Highly Reliable
  •  Fuel Indication System
  •  Transon Plate for Easy Replacement
  •  Miniminal Replacement of Spark Plugs
  •  20% Less Fuel Consumption


Life Cycle Sustainment Plan


Raider has developed and integrated sustainment into our system design, development, testing, deployment. Our vision of sustainment is supporting the product in the field for the warfighter over the life of the product.

Raider is in the production cycle but we recognized early in development the importance of sustainment. It began with the selection of the COTS manufacturer which was a key part of selecting the COTS product that would become a Raider. The backbone of our “sustainment” program is supported by the manufcturer with a guarantees parts for the COTS motor will be available at a minimum of five years after completion of manufacturing.

Raider has initiated services with training professionals making available individual and digital training support with full ce1tifications for user and maintenance personnel who pass our courses.

Raider implemented a mobile service center for service and on site training. Providing contractor logistics support to achieve the sustainment committed to Key Performance Parameter (KPP) and Key System Attributes (KSAs) sustainment.

Raider works with our customers to make certain their requirements for sustainment is met. Raider interfaces with our COTS engine provider insuring the military has total worldwide support with parts, manuals and training for optimal sustainment of Raider outboards.