Raider Outboards Emergency Field Kit
PART NO. (R-EFK50-002)

Each Raider Outboards Motor is shipped with a Raider Outboards Emergency Field Kit (R-EFK50-002). This kit contains a set of hand tools and spare parts which allows the operator to perform basic emergency service on the motor should the need arise. These kits come packed in a heavy-duty Pelican Case, and replacements or spares may be ordered as a whole kit or as individual parts.

Part No. Description Qty
R-NGK4919 Sparkplug 3
R-841150 M10 Deep Socket 3/8 Dr 1
R-841156 M16 Deep Socket 3/8 Dr 1
R-841153 M13 Deep Socket 3/8 Dr Modified 1
R-2292340 6 Way Screwdriver 1
R-67149 Crescent Wrench 1
R-63818 Pliers 1
R-52735A45 3/8 Hex Drill Socket 1
R-106988 3/8 Ratchet 1
R-5009238 Pelican Case 1150 1
R-203561746 #5.5 Starter Cord (7ft) 1
R-25002 2 Oz Marine Grease 1