Why the Name Raider Outboards?

Raider Outboard motors name was selected as a dedication to the WWII Marine Raiders formed by President Franklin Roosevelt in February 1942.  The Marine Raiders were a volunteer unconventional elite force conducting amphibious light infantry warfare, landing in rubber boats that operated behind enemy lines.  The 1st Maine Battalion was under the command of LTC Mike Edson.The 2nd Marine Battalion was under the command of LTC Evan Carlson.  The Raiders fought on multiple Pacific Islands including Guadalcanal where they moved in trenches, tunnels and machine gun pits prior to the main element coming ashore.  At times the Raiders were placed into cramped quarters and deployed from submarines to surprise the enemy.  The Marine Raiders patch consisted of five white stars representing the Southern Cross constellation (used for navigation) a red diamond and white skull.  Seven Congressional Medals of Honors were given to the Marine Raiders during their two-year history.  In February 1944 the unconventional fighting Marine Raiders was dissolved.  The Marine Raiders were much like the SEAL teams of today.

The Raider Outboard patch is like the Marine Raiders patch – we replaced the skull with an outboard motor outline with a C-130 in the top half and a submarine in the bottom as our motors are fully certified air droppable and submersible from the submarine.

Who We Are

Raider Outboards, Inc. is a-US owned and operated company based in Central Florida – near Kennedy Space Center, located in the Space Port Commerce Park. We design and produce multi-fuel, submersible, lightweight outboard motors and associated parts that include a Safety Jet; transom plates; carts and transportation cages.   Our markets include military; Search & Rescue and commercial/retail.

The Raider, patent pending, Safety Jet can be purchased in a kit which retrofits a propeller drive outboard motor system to a jet pump system. The Safety Jet was designed for safety for swimmers and divers in training situations.  The Safety Jet drive system is excellent for “brown” water operations where search and rescue missions happen.  For missions that has rocks/coral the Safety Jet can absorb hits that ruin propellers.

Raider also provides a series of transom plates that are attached to the Rubber Inflatable Boat.  The transom plates have single and dual motors configurations.  The transom plates provide centerline alignment and safety if the motor clamps loosen under vibration.   Speciality items like extended handles, extended fuel hose connections, outboard motors carts and transportation cages are also available.

What We Are About

Raider builds and supports reliable outboard motors for the warfighter. Outboards designed for missions by simplicity. Completed missions and come home. We design features in the outboards to provide redundancy; minimize electronics; increase reliability; utilize designs that have been proven in the field. We are all about service to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the most reliable and easy to maintain outboard engine that can perform in difficult and demanding missions. The Raider Outboards can withstand air drops and submarine launches to enable the warfighters to do their mission and come home.  Raider provides is the leader in horsepower to weight ratio. Raider 50 gets 25% better fuel efficiency than any other outboard motor in its class.