(Raider 40 P/N SJ-40-01)
(Raider 50 P/N SJ-50-02)

Safety Jet allows operators to change to a “pump jet” in less than 10 minutes.  The Safety Jet allows for operation of the Raider Outboards in “brown” water where debris is present; beneficial for training whereby no moving parts of the engine can hurt the trainees if they should come in contact with the lower unit; protects the lower unit when beaching and can withstand minor contract with underwater obstacles.  The user can switch back to a propeller within 10 minutes.

Why Safety Jet?

During training soldiers can be seriously injured or killed by an exposed rotating boat propeller. Under Government funding the USMC recognized the safety of a jet drive and successfully integrated jet drives in their systems.

Jet drives have been in existence for many years and comes in many shapes and sizes. The Safety Jet fits the 20 inch transom that Rubber Inflatable Boats use.

The Raider Outboard can be ordered with either propeller or Safety Jet. The Safety Jet option can be ordered separately as a kit and will take ap­proximately one hour to move from propeller to Safety Jet.

The Safety Jet will fit the Commercial Off The Shelf commercial outboard.

Specifications: Raider 40 & 50

  • Fits Raider 40 and Raider 50
  • Aluminum/welded on piece external
  • Lightweight/durable composite internal propeller
  • Designed to use maximize horsepower
  • Added weight-12 lbs. (Total Raider 40 weight with Safety Jet 160 lbs.)
  • Supports Multi-fuel
  • Fully submersible
  • Maintains Transom height: 508 mm/20 inches
  • Kit form includes all lower unit parts and gaskets.
  • Does not interfere with RAMZ or T­-Duck packaging

Designed for the mission.

  • Comes to plane quickly
  • Rugged design for Cache
  • Minimal internal propeller replacement
  • Minimal Parts
  • Maximizes safety for warrior
  • Ease-carrying grab rail/Safety Jet
  • Life Cycle cost savings to Government using kit rather than purchasing complete Raider 40
  • No impact for storage on Raider transom or holding cart
  • Dual Motor Configuration-single tiller and throttle control