Model 50 Outboard Motor

Raider Model 50 Outboard Motor
PART NO. (R50-ES-001)

The Raider Outboards Model 50is a multi-fuel, air droppable, submersible, lightweight, 2-stroke engine developed to meet the needs of the modern warfighter operating within the highly demanding dynamic maritime environment.

The Raider Outboards Model 50 provides a mil-spec propulsion system that isdesigned specifically for the unique combat maneuverability requirements of Special Operations Forces, adding capability and capacity to prescribed mission sets.

Capable of using multiple fuel sources for operation. Gasoline is the preferred fuel but should the mission or situation dictate, various types of heavy fuel combined with the Raider Heavy Fuel Enhancer may be used.

Fully submersible in salt water, without bagging, to depths greater than 65ft for periods exceeding 24 hours.

Upon recovery to the surface, fully operational in as little as 30 seconds. Easy instructions for dewatering are provided affixed to the engine cowling of every outboard motor.

Capable of being dropped from both fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

Significantly lighter than other motors in its class, Raider Outboards Model 50 is easily maneuvered by two personnel by using the installed reinforced no slip grab handles and rails. The special rail design allows the motor to be stowed in an upright position of the deck or pallet instead of laying on its side.

Electric Start
Provides fast starting in duress situations and enables rapid dewatering. The installed Absorbed Glass Mat battery adds the ability to start the motor without the use of the recoil starter.

Tactical Communications Power Interface
Power and charge tactical communications systems. Various types of connectors may be installed per operator requirement. Power tactical radio systems through battery eliminators, charge cell phones, or even power a spot light.

Bolt-On Safety Jet
Designed to prevent injury to personnel from inadvertent contact with a moving propeller, Raider Safety Jet also protects craft propulsion systems from unseen obstructions while transiting through shallow or flooded areas.Provides increased reliability during beaching or Search & Rescue applications supporting hurricane relief and emergency response.