Model 40 Outboard Motor

Raider Model 40 Outboard Motor
PART NO. (R40-ES-002)


Dependent upon fuel available. The Raider Model 40 Outboard Motor is capable of using multiple fuel sources for operation. Gasoline is the recommended fuel, but should the mission or situation dictate various types of Heavy Fuel combined with the Raider Additive may be used. Regardless of fuel type utilized for operations there still exists the requirement for mixing with 2 cycle oil at the ratio of 50:1.

Allows for full submersion, in salt water, without bagging to a depth greater than 65ft for periods exceeding 24 hours.

Upon recovery to the surface fully operational within 10 minutes. Easy instructions for dewatering are provided affixed to each engine cowling of every outboard motor. Most operators, with practice and adherence to the provided instructions, restore the motor to operations within two minutes of surfacing. Skilled operators are able to achieve lite off in as few as 30 seconds.

Air Deployable
When required is capable of being dropped from both fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Battery cutoffs are available to preserve start battery life in drop packages for over 180 days. Prior to drop, the operator enables the start battery should expeditious start be required on the drop zone.

Maneuverable through the hatch of a Submarine or mounting when underway. The motor is easily maneuvered by two personnel through the hatches of ships or submarines by using the installed reinforced no slip grab handles and rails. The special rail design allows the motor to be stowed in an upright position of the deck or pallet instead of laying on its side.

Electric Start
Provides fast starting in duress situations and aids in dewatering. The installed Acid Glass Matt Battery adds the ability to start the motor without the use of the recoil starter. This capability may prove to be invaluable where starting the motor is not practical via the primary method due to motor damage, operator injury, or prevailing environmental conditions will not afford such. When used with dewatering it rapidly expels any water through the decompression valves.