Multi-Fuel Submersible Electric Start Outboard Engines

Built for the Warfighter

Raider Outboards, Inc. is a United States small, family owned, business located in Central Florida near the Kennedy Space Center, Space Port Commerce Park, Titusville, Florida.  We design and produce lightweight outboard engines for the military.  These engines are multi-fuel capable, certified air droppable from C-130/C-17 aircraft; fully submersible for an extended period of time and start within five minutes after placement on a Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC).


Raider Outboards builds and supports reliable outboard motors for the warfighter.  Designed for combat missions by simplicity that minimizes electronics and features excellent human factors – lightweight, easy to carry designed handles and special support products to make maritime missions safer for the soldiers.


Make the most reliable and easy to maintain outboard motor that performs in difficult and demanding combat missions bringing the soldier safely back home.