Why Use raider transom plates?

Raider designed multiple size transom plates that provide center placement of outboard motors to insure straight line travel and safety if the motor turnbuckle loosens during mission.  For dual outboard motor operation the transom plates insure centering and easy attachment of cables and connecting rod between motors quickly.

Single Raider full transom plate: (P/N SRFT-40)


Dual 40/45 Raider full transom plate:  (P/N DRFT-40)


Single Raider full transom plate:  (P/N SRFT-50)


Dual 50/55 Raider full transom plate:  (P/N DRFT-50)

Universal transom plate:  (UT-001)

  • Fits all Wing and Zodiacs
  • Aluminum Powder Coated
  • Durable
  • Designed to use maximize horsepower
  • Built in Safety
  • Supports Night time Operations
  • Non Reflective Black
  • Maintains straight line direction
  • Retains same transom holes
  • Does not interfere with RAMZ or T-Duck packaging.
  • Single motor configuration
  • Dual motor Configuration
  • Multiple horsepower size plates are available
  • Marked with Centerline
  • Vertical Adjustable—more performance when extended on some RIB’s
  • Motor can be placed any where on transom plate and slides to exact position
  • Motor clamps are secured in recessed area for safety.
  • Fastens to existing holes
  • Easy vertical adjustment
  • Supports nighttime missions
  • Insures lock in clamping
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Single engine transom plate
  • Dual engine transom plate
  • Supports other manufacturers outboard motors
  • Non-reflective coatings
  • Easy retrofit for any RIB’s being used today